Britney Spears: From Break-up to Bounceback


Oh Britney. We feel like we know more about your love life than you do. With 99% of her songs being about love – finding it, losing it, falling into it, falling out of it, loving it, hating it… it’s no wonder we can track this Diva’s heart story. The queen of pop has a discography (and life) bursting with relationship-relatable music. Let’s go through some of her hits and piece together a narrative to empower us all, from breakup to bounce back!

See Him: Toxic

“A guy like you should wear a warning / It’s dangerous; I’m loving it.”

Whether you’re out at the club or a bookstore, your radar is on. You instantaneously know when you might maybe kinda sorta find someone attractive, and Toxic’s got that spark covered.

Meet Him: Break The Ice

britney break

“Let me break the ice / Allow me to get you right / Once you warm up to me baby / I can make you feel hot.”

Introductions! Since you’re a confident, gorgeous woman (or maybe not-so-confident, in which case you feel awkward the entire time) you say hello and make it clear that you’re interested. You get to…

Know Him: Alien

“I tried but I never figured it out / Why I always felt like a stranger in a crowd / That was then like an alien / But the stars in the sky look like home, take me home / And the light in your eyes lets me know I’m not alone.”

We all feel alone. When we find someone we click with on every level, we latch on. Alien is the perfect embodiment of dispelling that loneliness through a connection. You’ve met the perfect soulmate, so you…

Date Him: (You Drive Me) Crazy

britney crazy

Love Lyric: “You drive me crazy / I just can’t sleep / I’m so excited, I’m in too deep / Crazy, / But it feels alright / Baby, thinkin’ of you keeps me up all night.”

Hormones, hormones, hormones! Also known as eros from the Greeks’ four types of love. This is the time in your relationship when you drive all your friends insane with gross lovey-dovey nonsense. The honeymoon phase. The time you love and everyone else hates. But then…

Reality Strikes: It Should Be Easy

Love Lyric: “I know they’re out there, them beautiful men, but you’re my future, baby you’re my right now.”

Yeah, you know there’s a world outside your relationship. You’ve remembered your poor, abandoned friends, and the reality of give and take are setting in. Maybe he’s complaining about how difficult you’re making things. Or maybe there’s…

Trouble Brewing: Oops! …I Did It Again

britney oops

Love Lyric: “It might seem like a crush / But it doesn’t mean that I’m serious / ‘Cause to lose all my senses / That is just so typically me.”

You’re getting bored. The rush has worn off. Maybe this isn’t as serious as you thought. And now you feel bad, because you were having fun and you feel like you’re done. You’ve reached the…

Point Of No Return: Lucky

Love Lyric: “If there’s nothing missing in my life / Then why do these tears come at night?”

When your relationship has you this depressed, it’s time to say goodbye. You try the nice route and meet up for a heart-to-heart in-person. It’s time for the dreaded…

Breakup: Womanizer


britney woman

Love Lyric: “Boy, don’t try to front / I know just what you are.”

Uh oh…looks like there’s more to this guy than you thought. The confrontation reveals some unsavory details about his life. You’re not the type to put up with any form of mistreatment, so it’s splitsville for real. (Throw Criminal in here if he’s really been bad).

Regret: Baby One More Time

Love Lyric: “My loneliness is killing me / And I must confess, I still believe / When you’re not with me I lose my mind / Give me a sign / Hit me baby one more time.”

It’s the drunk text to your ex. You’ve grown used to one thing, and now you don’t have it. But don’t give in! You can get through this, despite the…

Rumors: Piece Of Me

britney piece

Love Lyric: “Another day, another drama.”

Your ex’s friend sent you an angry FB message about how terrible you were to him. Your best friend tells you what’s been floating around the friend group. And it’s all nonsense! These are the inescapable rumors that float post-breakup. But you can fight them off. Nobody wants a piece of you. You’re ready to…

Bounce Back: Stronger

Love Lyric: “My loneliness ain’t killing me no more / I am stronger.”

You have your friends, your life, and most importantly, yourself. So…

From Now On: My Prerogative

britney my prerogative

Love Lyric: “Everybody’s talking all this stuff about me / Why don’t they just let me live? / I don’t need permission, make my own decisions / That’s my prerogative.”

The ultimate Britney power ballad, even stronger than Stronger. You recognize that you are an independent woman allowed to make the choices, mistakes, and successes you wish to make. All on your own. And you’ll never let anyone else bring you down again. After all: “People can take everything away from you / But they can never take away your truth / But the question is.. / Can you handle mine?”


By Rachel Morris 

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