The ‘Be a Better Man’ Bouquet Is Born


Listen up fellas. You missed her birthday. You forgot today was your anniversary. You didn’t congratulate her on her new promotion. Or, you just don’t know how to make her feel special. Flowers could just be the ticket, but not just any run-of-the-mill-online-flower store will do because you need HELP. David Plafchan is da man who has launched a flower business so you can “Be a Better Man” (their words not ours) when it comes to thoughtful bouquets. Plafchan has started a new company called, where you can get a higher level of flowers delivered without all the hassle and upselling that we have grown accustomed to from many traditional florists. The flowers are cut on the day you order and delivered straight from the farm so you get the freshest bouquet possible! This means delivery just 2-4 days after cut vs. 10-14 elsewhere. The volcano stems come from the equator,10,000 feet above sea level, which means one thing: sun. And more sun means more color. These Bouqs are fed by pure volcanic snow melt and mineral-rich, ph-balanced soil. And the California cut flowers come straight from eco-friendly farms on the coast!

But what about the price? A flat $40 with shipping included and no hidden fees means you can shop with confidence. . .and you get a deal. Competitors are often priced 20-200% higher. All of this is designed to make the flower buying experience much easier and much more affordable. Looks like you are all out of excuses fellas!

Watch the video below for a more in depth look into

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