Get a Leg Up! The Language of Legs


(Stories from our past: This week we explored our fascinating library of vintage articles and found one from 1977 about how our legs can reveal a lot about what’s going on in our brains. Read on and get a leg up on the signals others might be sending you!)

You’ve probably heard of body language–it’s all about what your body is saying in the way you walk, the way you stand, the way you sit, and in your overall body carriage. Bud did you know that even your legs have a language of their own? To someone who’s an expert at interpreting “leg language,” you might just be giving away your most secret thoughts with the simple crossing of your ankles.

And the way you move your legs can reveal something about you, too! If legs move slowly and seem tired, chances are you are saying that all of you is just plain exhausted. If legs move with agility and confidence, chances are you’re feeling “up” all over.

The brief guide below will help you to know some of the things your legs are “saying”–before they tell more than you might want them to.

1. If your ankles are “locked”–legs crossed tightly at the ankles and usually off to one side–you’re saying that you’d like to be saying more. You’re holding something back. If you would like a little prodding, this is the gesture to take, since your onlooker may just edge forward to help you out a bit.

2. If, on the other hand, ankles are easily crossed and your legs are frimly in front of you, it indicates that you have an organized mind. You are a person very much in control of your emotions. This is the pose Grandma considered very ladylike.

3. You’re agreeable–if not all that interested–when sitting with legs comfortably uncrossed, knees spread about a foot apart and feet firmly and parallel in front of you. Such a pose says you are not resisting the person you’re with and you probably don’t feel threatened. If you’re leaning forward in this position, you’re becoming more interested–if leaning away, less interested.

46777834. Legs that are crossed at the knee get their meaning from the direction in which the elevated foot is pointing. If the foot is pointing toward the person you’re with, you are showing interest. Of course, if the elevated foot is pointing away from the person, you are not interested. Further, if you’re moving or making circles with this foot, you’re nervous!

5. If you’re slowly crossing and uncrossing your legs, touching the inside of your calves, knees, or thighs, or have slipped a shoe and are balancing it on your toes–anything goes! Your’e indicating that the person you’re with is making you feel very comfortable and that you’re very interested!

6. If you’re sitting with one leg up and underneath you, you’re a pretty easygoing person. And you’ll most likely be agreeable–ready to cooperate.

Looks like leg watching now means more than just looking at legs that are lovely. It also means “reading” what they’re communicating. And now you know how to make your legs “say” exactly what you mean!

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