The Top 6 Wedding Trends of 2015



This year there has been a noticeable rejection of the formality of traditional weddings. The new trends focus on a more relaxed approach and encourage a greater degree of individuality.

The most important thing getting married is to make sure that the couple enjoys their wedding. The day is about love, commitment and wanting to share the celebration with the important people in your lives. Whether there are ten people at your wedding or a thousand, this core focus shouldn’t be lost.

As the wedding day is all about the couple, it is important that in every decision the couple stay true to themselves. This is the only way to ensure that their big day is special and reflects their own personal style. No two weddings should be the same, because no two couples are the same. Let individuality rule! So here are some of the trends we see:

Wedding Dresses

TS-474190828 Wedding Trend 4Lace and sheer fabrics have been popular since the weeding of Kate and William and the trend continues. This year layering of these fabrics have added details to simple, elegant styles, which has been widely used to create bohemian style dresses. There has also been a rise in backless dresses along with those using sheer fabrics across the back to create a backless effect.

Remembering war commemorations and VE day celebrations has also influenced wedding dress designs. There has been a growing interest in traditional styles that might have been worn by our grandparents and great grandparents.

Wedding Flowers

TS-483111316 Wedding Trend 3The English country garden has certainly influenced many bouquets and flower arrangements this year. Using mixed bunches of softly colored blooms creates a look that the flowers have just been freshly picked on route to the venue. A different trend for summer weddings is creating a tropical feel and as a result, there have been a rise in the number of succulents that are making their way into wedding bouquets and arrangements.

Other materials have also started to appear in bouquets in a trend that originated in Scandinavia. You might consider mixing tweeds and woollen fabrics in with your chosen flowers for a warm autumn/winter arrangement.

Wedding Hair and Make Up

A more natural look is definitely in fashion this year. Whilst you want to look radiant on your wedding day, this is the year to avoid hairstyles that need cans of hairspray to keep them in place and heavy layers of make up. Loosely plaited hair, blushing cheeks and lips and a flower crown instead of a tiara are currently all the rage.

Wedding Food and Drink

TS-484130836 Wedding Trend 7In keeping with the more relaxed approach to weddings, street food buffets and banquet style dining are being favored over set menus. Clear labelling and allowing guests to pick from a wide selection of food also helps with managing various dietary requirements and keeping everyone happy and well fed.

Homemade lemonade, cocktails and cider are also becoming more popular than the traditional bottles of wine and water on the table, so you may be looking to hire tumblers rather than wine glasses for the table.

Wedding Car Hire

TS-77861913 Wedding Trend 2Of course a vintage classic car is always going to be a popular choice, no matter what the trend, but this is one area where the groom might get to influence the decision! An open topped retro vehicle might look the part, but even with a tropical inspired wedding, there’s no guaranteeing that it won’t be pouring with rain on the big day.

If you are looking for something a bit different, there a plenty of other vehicles available for hire for your big day. For example does a campervan, a trolley service, a rickshaw or a Range Rover better suit your personality and the style of your wedding? You can find companies offering all manner of transport for hire, from horse and carts to 4×4 vehicles and even helicopters if you have the budget!

Wedding Photography

TS-126895311 Wedding Trend 5Your photographs will help to retain precious memories of the day, so they too should reflect the feel of the event. If you are having a more relaxed celebration, the last thing you want is a photographer lining everyone up in formal groups for the photographs. A photographer that can mingle unseen in the crowd and capture the spirit of the day is ideal, but no matter what you want, make sure you communicate it clearly, so you have something to look back on and share for years to come.

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