We Have A Winner!

Congratulations J.C. Sullivan of New York City!  You are the FIRST PLACE WINNER  in our Bad Boyfriend Writing Contest. Judith Vance of Olympia, WA is our SECOND PLACE WINNER.

J.C.’s bad boy story, Wife Beater Takes On A Whole New Meaning, scored her some much deserved cash–$350. Close to 1400 people voted for their favorite Bad Boyfriend Story. Your votes help us narrow the finalists down to three. Then our judges selected first and second place winners.

We appreciate all the love you gave to J.C. and our other entrants.  J.C. was so excited to hear that she won, she sent us a picture and this description of herself:

With or without a boyfriend, artist J.C. Sullivan is an expert budget traveler who backpacks the world. So as to never get stuck in a rut, she tries to do one thing a day that makes her uncomfortable. To read some of her published works, please visit her website, www.backpackingpoet.com

Our second place winner, Judith, wrote the story Infatuation With A Total Jerk! and received some cash of her own!–$150. According to Judith, she started writing romantic poetry and fiction stories later in life, after spending several years with the true love of her life.  She feels that by sharing true love, which she has with her husband, she’s always full of ideas and fodder for new stories.  She’s been published in several magazines and one anthology.  Writing about true love is important to her because she thinks that’s what makes the world go around.  She belongs to a writer’s group and states she’ll be writing until the very end.  She loves family, her cat, and friends. She leads a simple life, living in the country where it’s quiet and she lives to write about love.

As for winning the contest, “Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, and thanks to everyone who voted on their favorite story. We’ll be doing more great contests and giving out more free cash soon so make sure you keep your ears open and your stories coming!,” she said.

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