Women Tell Us What They Want. . .in a Man

Recently, TruLoveStories.com launched a survey asking women what they want in a man. Over 200 women have already responded , but we want to hear from more of you.

Let’s face it, no one is perfect!  But when it comes to love, we all have an “ideal” we’d like to find, or help our boyfriends/husbands to become in our relationships.

Whether a woman is looking for (or has already found) “tall, dark and handsome,” someone who makes her laugh, a successful entrepreneur, or a man who makes her feel special, the survey hopes to learn more about what matters most to women.

Here’s what you have told us . . . so far:

  • When asked what irritates them most about their boyfriend/husband, 33% of the respondents answered: “He forgets most things I tell him.”
  • More than 10% answered: “He makes plans without checking with me or changes plans and doesn’t tell me.” Another 10% are annoyed by their boyfriends because, “He flirts with other women.”
  • Only 5% of the respondents complained that their boyfriends were slobs, while another 5% said their boyfriends would rather spend more time with their friends than with them.
  • The survey also asks what women believe is the most important quality a man should have? Survey says (so far): Humor (75%).

Some advice for men: Listen to your girlfriend, make her laugh, don’t flirt, and clean up after yourself. Who knows? It might put a lot more romance in your life.

Just before Thanksgiving, we asked our Facebook fans to tell us what their boyfriends or husbands should be thankful for about them. Nearly 100 women responded, and here are the top qualities they said their men should be grateful for:

  • My skills in the bedroom — 38% — Ooh, la, la!  You go girls!
  • I clean up after him — 24%
  • I’m hot! — 15%
  • I’m nice to his mother – 10%
  • I laugh at his jokes – 5%

And for the occasionally frustrated, annoyed, angry girlfriends looking for a little fun “payback,” BroadLit has just released a new mobile game – Girlfriends Strike Back. Download the game for free on your iPhone, at Google Play, or on your Kindle. The game is coming soon for Nooks and iPads.

Women who would like to add their voice to the survey, can Click Here.


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