Losing It For Love Reviews

“People are always telling women to just accept themselves the way they are, yet we live in a world where being tall, thin and beautiful is just expected of us! Thank god for these stories. They actually tell the truth about what goes through women’s minds about their appearance and what we wish we could be! Bravo!”  -Enrique Smith, Amazon

“Very inspiring. I will recommend this book to anybody.” – MaggieJ, Amazon

“Some of these stories could be ripped right out of my diary! I always imagine how my life would be different if I changed certain things about myself–losing the love handles, fixing my nose, or even just dressing nicer. For years I obsessed about being one the “beautiful people,” and now I see I’m not alone!” -MR, Amazon

“I loved some of them, loved to hate a few of them, and saw myself in some of them. In the end, their stories made me feel better about myself and my hopes for a new love.”
-Kelsey, Amazon

“As a person that always blames my weight as a reason I can’t find true love, I found this collection of stories to be very inspirational. I know it’s cliche, but the whole “It’s what is on the inside that counts” is a very common theme among these stories. Excellent read that I will recommend highly.”  -JonesBT, Barnes & Noble

“I really liked this collection of love stories because it focused on such a wide variety of women who are all dealing with issues that are relatable.” -Kelsey, GoodReads

“I don’t usually read story collections because I prefer a good novel, but my life is busy. .. I am now a fan of these collections and am going to read some of the other books.”
-Jeannette, GoodReads

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