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A surprising twist on the vampire trend.

Psychologist and hypnotist Sarah Hagan is enjoying her newfound success as the author of Psychosis and Past Life Regression, a study whose subject she has obsessed over since her painful divorce. Her private practice flourishing, she’s comforted by a handful of close, supportive friends. When one of these friends, a parole officer named Colleen, calls Sarah asking for her help with Carlos, a troubled young ex-con, Sarah is reluctant. Upon hearing more about the youth’s intelligence and sensitivity, however, she agrees to help him overcome his anger issues through hypnosis. What Sarah and Carlos discover through their sessions is more mysterious than even the workings of the subconscious mind: Under hypnosis, Carlos, a survivor of childhood abuse and gang violence, reveals an entirely different self, one who has lived for centuries. This self, Aris, has fought with Alexander the Great and plotted with Queen Anne Boleyn. He has manipulated and murdered—and he’s a vampire. Although she tries to convince herself that Aris is simply Carlos’ subconscious archetypal projection, Sarah begins to harbor doubts about the capacity of her own scientific training to explain the detail and complexity of his hypnosis-induced stories. Over the course of their sessions, Sarah and Carlos are drawn together not only by their shared fascination with Aris’ tale, but by a romantic attraction that threatens to destroy them both. Author Morgan weaves together the thrilling history with a contemporary love story that comes together in an action-filled climax—and an enticing cliffhanger—that will leaves readers thirsty for more.

Blending sensual fantasy and the supernatural, this vampire saga takes a welcome turn.

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