Hearts Unleashed

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By Julia Dumont

Cynthia Amas, match-making guru to everyone but herself, has just opened the new offices of her highly personalized boutique dating service in Hollywood, CA.  One of her new clients–a gorgeous, well-connected, uber-rich widow–comes in search of a new lease on life in the form of no less than a social and sexual reawakening. The story moves across the endlessly entertaining landscape of Los Angeles–from an astonishing erotic art  exhibit to a decidedly intoxicating voyage with a wildly attractive crew of love and lust seekers via a luxury yacht up the Southern California coast.

Cynthia’s best friend Lolita and her ever-mystifying pack of talented dogs are back along with Paloma, Cynthia’s beautiful young assistant, a passionate new import from Dublin named Seamus O’Brien, baddest-of-bad-boy ex-lovers Max, and superstar screen idol Jack Stone…all seemingly hell-bent on complicating the matters of the heart beyond belief. Meanwhile, Cynthia’s lovably eccentric mother has run off to Italy with one of the biggest philanderers in Hollywood.

Throughout it all, Cynthia attempts to maintain a long distance affair with her own possible once-in-a-lifetime true love match, but as she encounters the sensual on-the-job temptations of a life in the romance business, it all seems to be slipping through her fingers.

An Interview with Julia

Your first book in the Second Acts Series is called Sleeping with Dogs and Other Lovers. How did you come up with that title?  Read More

About the author: 

The Not-So-Authorized Bio of Julia Dumont

Julia Dumont is not my real name. I have a secret life, which is why I have to keep my true identity hidden. My fellow university professors would never understand why a very serious literary professor such as myself would ever confess her addiction to reading romance novels, much less to her passion for writing them. Read More About Julia.

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