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Sleeping with Dogs and Other Lovers – A Second Acts Novel
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Cynthia Amas has her hands full. In the middle of launching a boutique matchmaking service – Second Acts — amid the sun, surf, and celebrities of Southern California, her own romantic life gets a whole lot more complicated…and steamy. While expertly juggling the needs of her exclusive clients, her own maddeningly irresistible bad-boy, sometime lover unexpectedly returns for a hot and heavy reunion.

When Love Goes Bad – TruLove Collection 
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The timeless love stories from True Romance and True Love live on.Twelve unique stories chronicle the relationship roller coaster of a highs and lows that so often define romantic love.



Falling in Love…Again - TruLove Collection
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Torn from the pages of True Romance and True Love, the stories live on.  Whether you’re heartbroken or have sworn off love forever; love comes when it’s perfectly timed or when you least expect it, this collection of fourteen inspirational stories will convince you that there’s always a chance you’ll…fall in love again.