Women Undone



While the ’70s were about equal rights and the sexual revolution, women in the ’80s were more concerned about their economic situation. It’s easy to understand why some of the women in these stories would fantasize about finding romance on a cruise ship, or running off to a big city and becoming a fashion model, but as this collection of stories reveals, there are no shortcuts to happiness.

These were not the days of speed dating and finding love online. Women looked for love with personal ads and a very rudimentary form of computer dating.

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From Amazon: A Unique 80′s Inspired Book for Hopeless Romantics  –The ‘80s are back! This collection is made of different short stories, but they all have one common theme — they are about women in relationships in the 1980s. I love the bits of nostalgia that come with reading these stories. This isn’t going to be your traditional romance books, but how fun to shake things up once in a while! Short and to the point, highly recommend!


Love Walkout–Is It Really Forever?

“Last night bothered me, but not for the reasons you might think. I wanted to be with you, Gordy, but in my mind I was making love to my husband. The man I left back home. And right now that’s where I’m heading. I’m going home.” Read the Rest of the Story Here

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