9 Things You Should Be Saying To Her Besides ‘I Love You’

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Saying the words ‘I love you’ is important in any relationship. It is what separates a couple from simple friendship and a lifelong commitment. They are, potentially, the most powerful words and will make your heart skip a beat and even make your knees go weak. However, there are other key phrases which are important for a woman to hear. Here are 9 things you should say to her as often as possible apart from the traditional ‘I love u’.

1. You can do it!
Sometimes the most important thing you can say are these four little words which show her that you believe in her and are there to support her. It may be a case of supporting a small project or a huge business venture; whichever it is your special lady will appreciate the support.

2. I’m proud of you!
Achieving anything that you have set out to do is a truly amazing feeling. However, if you show her that you have also seen her accomplishment and are impressed you will make her feel fantastic. The two factors together can help a lady to think that anything is possible and your reward will be worthwhile!


3. You’re beautiful!
This is a comment that is often said to flatter a lady, possibly with an ulterior motive. However, if it is said, without being prompted and an appropriate moment this tiny phrase can carry a huge amount of weight. When this is said to her in an intimate moment, when she may not feel she looks her best, and, she can see you mean it she will feel truly amazing. If you’re married, she has to feel that there’s love in marriage without you telling her 10 times a day. Just make her feel beautiful! Admire her!

4. I appreciate you!
There are many tasks and chores which are split between a couple, particularly when you co-habit with each other. The majority of these tasks arise out of necessity and often get done by the same person as habits are formed. This is a normal part of a relationship. However, it is possible to pause and think about what extra tasks you would need to complete if they were not split between you. You can also appreciate which tasks she does which you would have to do and would not enjoy.

This should be enough for you to be able to tell her that you appreciate her, and mean it! This shows that you appreciate what she does for you and that she does it out of love, not a sense of duty.

5. Let me take you on a date!
Most couples will remember the time before they were living together. The relationship developed through a series of dates and a gradual process of spending more and more time together. Going on a date was a time to get out, have fun and show off your woman to the world. It also ensures you connected and kept away from a routine.

It has been said that routine is one of the best ways to kill passion and it is easy to fall into a routine when living together and enjoying the love and marriage. Throwing this phrase into the mix will show your partner just how much you still love them and want to show them off to the world. It says you want to keep the spark in your relationship.


6. I support you!
These three little words tell your woman that you will be there for them whatever they do or need. There is no stronger motivation or force than the knowledge that your loved one has your back and will help you to succeed in any activity. Your lady will feel there is nothing she cannot do.

7. I’m sorry!
Saying this when you mean it and you understand that you have caused her hurt and that you were in the wrong is as powerful as telling your loved one that you love her. It tells her how much you value her, your relationship and that you will try not to repeat the same mistake again. It is, perhaps, an even more powerful phrase than ‘I love you’ when said with meaning.

8. You complete me!
Women want to feel safe when there’s in a relationship. They want to be cared for and protected. Tell her that she completes you; that she’s the best woman in your life. But do it randomly, when she least expect you to say it. It will make her feel the same.

9. I crave you, every day!
Women want to be desired, and there’s no secret about that. But they also want to be told that they’re amazing. You don’t need any relationship advice on this one; if you crave for her, tell her and you’ll have a beautiful love life.

By Sylvia Smith at Never Liked It Anyway

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