When Love Goes Bad Reviews

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading these short stories. Each one was so well written that it was hard to put down.”-Floyd, Amazon

“The perfect read on the go…I enjoyed the diversity of characters and wide range of emotions the stories evoked. I found myself laughing one minute and getting a bit teary the next…highly recommend.” -Kelsey, Amazon Read More

Falling in Love…Again Reviews

From Romantic Times:

Buy Yourself Several Happily Ever Afters – RT Books Reviews

TruLoveStories parent company BroadLit is publishing collections of stories from the Dorchester magazines, True Romance and True Love. The first two of these collections, online now, When Love Goes Bad and Falling In Love … Again. Read More

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A surprising twist on the vampire trend.

Psychologist and hypnotist Sarah Hagan is enjoying her newfound success as the author of Psychosis and Past Life Regression, a study whose subject she has obsessed over since her painful divorce. Her private practice flourishing, she’s comforted by a handful of close, supportive friends. When one of these friends, a parole officer named Colleen, calls Sarah asking for her help with Carlos, a troubled young ex-con, Sarah is reluctant. Upon hearing more about the youth’s intelligence and sensitivity, however, she agrees to help him overcome his anger issues through hypnosis. What Sarah and Carlos discover through their sessions is more mysterious than even the workings of the subconscious mind: Read More

StarStruck Romance Reviews

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An intrepid young matchmaker in Hollywood sparks chemistry with an old flame, an ex-flame and an A-list actor, all while finding love for her clients in this engaging romance.

Cynthia Amas has no trouble juggling her new dating service and a slew of fresh clients from among the Hollywood elite. Her best friend, the outspoken Lolita, has her hands full running a dog-grooming business catering to the stars and managing her three dogs of varying sizes and temperaments, who bring her juicy gossip (at least she hears them talking!) from dogs whose masters are Hollywood stars. Read More

Sleeping With Dogs and Other Lovers Reviews

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The Worlds Toughest Book Critics have given their two cents on Julia Dumont’s latest vintage romance novel. Enjoy!


In the first installment of Dumont’s planned romance series, paranormal dogs and oversexed exes plague a matchmaking service. Read More

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