What’s Your Answer??? True Love Stories Questionnaire


From the January 1956 issue of True Love Stories Magazine:

A true case faithfully reported and analyzed by a counselor

Why Does Joan Continue to Have Dates With A Man Who’ll Never Marry Her?

1. Joan’s parents always worked and went out a lot, neglecting her. Raised by an old grandmother, Joan grew up lonely and insecure. She resented her parents’ neglect of her, yet felt guilty since she knew she should love them.



2. At seventeen, Joan fell in love with Bob. He threatened to stop seeing her if she didn’t go all the way, and Joan consented. When Bob didn’t call, Joan called him. She knew Bob didn’t love her, but felt powerless to end their affair.



3. Nights, Joan had dreams in which she became pregnant, was thrown out by her parents, and then committed suicide. Or she dreamed of Bob’s dating other girls. Her grades in school suffered, and she was in danger of failing her senior year.



4. Joan begged Bob to marry her; he refused. “You’re good for only one thing,”  he said bluntly. Joan realized she could not really love Bob when he had so little feeling for her. She knew she should break off—yet she couldn’t do that.



Why does Joan continue to see Bob? Choose your answer below:

A. Joan feels guilty for hating her parents and wants to punish herself for these feelings. She also wants to test the depth of their love, if she should become pregnant.

B. Joan is so physically involved with Bob she can’t bear to let him go. She hopes, by steadily persisting, she’ll eventually make him change his mind and marry her.

C. Joan wants to strike back at her parents because they’d always denied her love. She feels her becoming pregnant before marriage would be a terrible blow to them.

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