True Romance: 9 Romantic Stories

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Layout 1While the ’70s were about equal rights and the sexual revolution, women in the ’80s were more concerned about their economic situation. It’s easy to understand why some of the women in these stories would fantasize about finding romance on a cruise ship, or running off to a big city and becoming a fashion model, but as this collection of stories reveals, there are no shortcuts to happiness.

These were not the days of speed dating and finding love online. Women looked for love with personal ads and a very rudimentary form of computer dating.


the best of my three lovers

The Best of My Three Lovers

I listened to the howling wind and watched the snow fall around me and waited for death. I had neither the strength nor the will to go on. I had no reason to live. I had destroyed my life years ago when I married Lawrence Williams. Now, I had come to this wilderness searching for the one man who held my heart in his hands. Well, I had found him. Read More

sweet talking heart breaker

Sweet-Talking Heartbreaker

Jack moved closer, pulling me to face him. “Listen, she’s so wrapped up in that job, that even if it were life and death she wouldn’t take one minute from it. Tanya doesn’t need me at all! We’re in the same boat, only she has money and Philip was broke. Maybe you and I can work things out to satisfy our own needs.” His hands fumbled nervously with the buttons on my blouse as he led me to their bedroom. Get the Book Here!

lovers againLovers Again After 5 Years Apart

Marcus had his back to me, holding his hands out to the warmth of the fire. I saw that his shoes were worn, his trousers were threadbare, and he had only a light jacket on. Everything looked too big for him, and I guessed they were his brother Frederick’s clothes. I didn’t know what to say to him. Get the Book Here!



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