Hearts Unleashed: Sexy, Funny Romp

Cynthia Amas, match-making guru to everyone but herself, has just opened the new offices of her highly personalized boutique dating service in Hollywood, CA.  One of her new clients–a gorgeous, well-connected, uber-rich widow–comes in search of a new lease on life in the form of no less than a social and sexual reawakening. The story moves across the endlessly entertaining landscape of Los Angeles–from an astonishing erotic art  exhibit to a decidedly intoxicating voyage with a wildly attractive crew of love and lust seekers via a luxury yacht up the Southern California coast. Read More


From Kirkus: Though her Hollywood matchmaking company, Second Acts, has really taken off, Cynthia Amas’ love life has stalled. She finds herself struggling to balance business with pleasure . . . A light, fun read . . .


Love, Lies & Dating: Dateless in Podunk, Time to MOOve on?

Dear Second Acts;
I live in a tiny town in Illinois. Fifteen years ago I was the homecoming queen and the valedictorian of my class. But after I graduated from medical school, my mother got sick and I came back home. She has since passed away, but I have a good practice…sort of a big fish in a small pond. A very small pond. Read More

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