Is Her Man Too Big for Love?


Dear Second Acts;

ThinkstockPhotos-178175065cropOkay, I have a new boyfriend who I really like a lot. This is kinda weird, but here goes. He is too big. I’m talking big. Length, girth…every measurable dimension. I’ve been with quite a few men and they seemed to run the gamut in that area, but this guy is in a big league of his own. I mean, this thing is a monster. It’s like having a third being in bed with us. I didn’t actually measure it, but one ruler would definitely not do the trick. More like a yardstick. The first time we made love it really freaked me out. Yes, it was exciting, but it was also sometimes uncomfortable and a bit much. More than a bit. At various times I’ve actually been afraid that something might rupture, I might choke, or that I’d even be stretched-out permanently and rendered unsuitable for future mere human-sized specimens. Thoughts?

Out of Proportion

 Dear Out Of;

love lies and datingIf you like this guy, you will work it out. Tell him how it feels, when it’s too much, when it’s just right, how much you can take, and so on. My suspicion is that you can take a lot more than you think, but even if I’m wrong, if he’s a good man, he’ll want to please you. Without talking out of school too much, I can tell you that I faced——quite literally——a similar issue one time, and although I was thrown by it at first, I quickly overcame——also quite literally——the “problem”. It really is true that it’s not size that matters, but what you do with it. On the other hand, if you know what to do with it, size can really matter. With very few exceptions, there is no such thing as too much of a good thing. So, girl, assuming you continue to like this guy for all the other good reasons women love men, I suggest you work this part out. And in. And repeat.


By Cynthia Amas of Second Acts Dating Service
This “advice” column is the result of art overtaking life. When author Julia Dumont created her leading lady, Cynthia Amas, for her Second Acts novels, she had no idea how domineering her character would become. Cynthia, a man-challenged matchmaker, insisted on writing her own dating advice blog. Julia tried to explain that fictional characters don’t usually write advice blogs for real people, but Cynthia was undaunted. The result is not your average dating blog, but it’s just as funny, irreverent and delightfully crazy as Cynthia.  Should you take her advice? Read on and decide for yourself.


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