Five Ways To Stay Happy in a Relationship

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All relationships go through highs and lows, but sometimes the lows can often seem a bit overwhelming. The energy and determination to get yourselves out of these ruts can dwindle at times, but we have a few tips that might just help:

  1. Stop Thinking About Yourself!

Group Of Friends Enjoying Meal At Home TogetherOkay, as human beings we can all be a little selfish, stubborn and set in our ways sometimes. This is natural, and the transition from  ‘I’ to ‘us’ can be a difficult one. However, it is important that you put your relationship first. A lot of married couples still consider their own families and siblings to be more important than their new “family.” And while you love and treasure your own family, it is critical to a successful relationship to make sure your partner doesn’t feel less important.

  1.       Develop Your Own 2-Person Club

TS-83163693 Happy Couple 4Having rituals within your relationship and secret communications allows you to share something private, and it gives you a special connection.  Be sure not to confuse rituals and habits with routine. That would become predictable and boring. Something as simple as having your morning tea together, or going for a walk on a Sunday no matter what the weather is, can be enough to ensure that you spend that special time together. The secrets and the moments that you share will bond you together in a time of need. A ‘code word’ can be used to be in place of ‘love you.‘

  1.       Communication is Key

TS-56295445 Happy Couple 3Be sure to talk to your partner every day. It’s an essential part of a healthy relationship. A lot of couples do struggle when communication breaks down, so having a chat about your day will ensure that you connect. Simply asking,” How was your day,” shows that you care – of course, you do need to be a good listener when he/she tells you about their day. Share your day, too, but try not to be negative and whine too much. You can also remember to compliment him/her, give her/him encouragement, and make plans to do something fun together.  Obviously, it doesn’t need  to be a long conversation, but even little touches can make a big difference.

  1.       Unplug and Focus

imsis008-030After work,  try to “turn off” the office. Our smart phones are not so smart when it comes to relationships. If we never switch off our phones, tablets and laptops, it means we are always distracted. Focus on your partner and give them your full attention. Also, work stresses should try to be left at the office. If you read an email with a new deadline, this is only going to make you more stressed, it doesn’t make you a fun person to be around. So, whenever possible, step away from the phone/computer/video game/etc.!

  1.        See the World

TS-485674557 Happy Couple 2Traveling can work wonders for any couple. Experiencing new sights, sounds, smells and sensations awakens your soul and creates a sense of peace and calmness. Anytime you get to experience an adventure with your significant other, it allows you to create new memories and adventures that you both can look back on for years.


Relationships take work, so don’t avoid it by doing nothing, or your love life could just fizzle out. No matter how perfect a couple’s relationship may look from an outsider’s point of view, no relationship is perfect. Make sure you spend time with your partner, communicate with them and keep it fun.

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