Dating In The 21st Century: Good vs. Bad Signs

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By Regina Gosney at Never Liked It Anyway

The civil and technological advances our culture has seen have revolutionized the way we date. The world we live in today is vastly different than the world of our parents, our grandparents, and so no doubt, the dating world is changed. The things we experience in the dating world have to be analyzed through the lens of the 21st century. Here are five elements of dating, indicating a relationship is either rocking hard to Zeplin, or rolling downhill fast.

Social Media

Good: You’re not embarrassed by his Insta feed, nor by the last rant he posted on FB about people who drink Decaf coffee. This guy has some respectable profiles. He tags you in funny videos and pics that are actually funny and not another cat video.
Bad: You’re constantly having an inner debate as to whether you should up your stalker level and check his past likes (Did he really just comment on this girl’s photo? What the hell is that emoji supposed to mean?) He posts Kate Upton as his WCW. Gag me with a spoon.


Good: You are completely satisfied with the frequency of texts you’re receiving. It’s not too many, like that one creepy coworker who somehow got your number, but it’s not too few either. Bonus: You find yourself rereading old messages for absolutely no reason, just to put a smile on your face.
Bad: He may be blowing up your phone and sending you way too many texts, or not enough. You may be finding yourself constantly checking your phone, wondering if he’s texted you back yet. Nope. Asshole. You delete the text conversation in your messages just so you don’t have to be reminded of the texts you aren’t receiving from him.

Planning a Date

Good: You’re planning your next date (to include a cute picnic at sunset and your fav art museum), but only because he planned the last one. Also, though you both have busy schedules, you’re still able to find time to squeeze in a date with one another. Priorities, girl.
Bad: Either he won’t let you plan anything because he’s some type-A control freak, or you’re having to plan everything because he just doesn’t care. Neither of those are any good in a relationship. Or, he keeps blowing off the planned date for bullshit reasons. Well, you have zero time for bullshit so… adios.

Paying the Bill
happy couple with bank card and bill at restaurant

The date is going well. The waitress soon comes around and drops off the leather bi-fold booklet containing the bill. Moment of awkwardness.
Good: Whatever makes you feel most comfortable. If he insists on paying, and you’re into that. You let him, and you thank him graciously. If you want to go in halves, and he’s good with that, awesome. If you want to pay for it, he lets you, sweet.
Bad: He’s insecure or demanding or what-the-hell-ever and insists on doing it his way. Whatever, brah.

Time Spent Together

Good: You are content. More than this, you feel stimulated and excited to be with him. He gives you a new perspective on life and values you for who you are as a person.
Bad: You’re re-browsing through your Insta feed, either because he always is, or because he drives you to that level of boredom. You’re back at your place after your date and you’re feeling so unfulfilled. Bad sign.


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