This Shirtless Baker Is a Tasty Pastry!

rakshak2TruLOVEstories’ latest Shirtless Bedtime Story, inspired by the short story  Lust With the Proper Stranger, is now available below. When we asked four heart-melting “model” men to read a story from BroadLit’s series of TruLOVE® Collections, after a lot of coaxing (and begging), they reluctantly agreed. We caught it all on camera, but the result is far from what you might expect. Not only did they read the stories with whole-hearted enthusiasm, they saw themselves as the “stars” of the love stories.

This week’s episode is the story of Diane, whose life has been that of a “good girl” who always plays it safe. . .until she steps into the Sweets and Treats Bakery. She finds a lot more than warm muffins when she meets the exotically good looking baker (and S&T owner) Josh. Our sexy baker is played by actor Rakshak Sahni, an established actor in India and a rising star in the U.S.

A new Shirtless Bedtime Story video will be delivered each week for the entire month of November. The second video, Delectable Delight: My Lunchtime Rendezvous, premiered on November 13. The two upcoming stories are titled In Love With My Next Door Neighbor and The Confessions of Candy Apple.

Hold your breath (if you can)! The next Shirtless Bedtime Story video is coming next week.

You can also watch video #2, Delectable Delight: My Lunchtime Rendezvous, NOW!

Up first, Lust With The Proper Stranger. Taken from the pages of the TruLOVE Collection, When Love Sizzles

Meet Our Sexy Baker, Rakshak Sahni! 

rakshakAn established actor in India as the Lead Actor in the Indian Primetime Television show Kavyanjali on StarTV, Rakshak Sahni moved to Hollywood six years ago to pursue his dreams. After arriving in Los Angeles, he was a Lead Actor in the short film, You Can’t Curry Love, an Indian gay-themed film that was screened in more than 100 film festivals, winning more than a dozen awards and getting almost 3 million hits on YouTube.  He was the lead in the short film, Naked Innocence, which won the best film award at UCLA. For his most recent project, Rakshak wrote, produced, directed and starred in his short film, Excuses Girls Make, which is currently screening on the Festival Circuit.

An impetuous romantic, Rakshak’s most romantic gesture involved creating the perfect setting in which to propose to his then girlfriend of six months. After purchasing a ring from Tiffany’s, he hired a gondola and serenaded her with one of his favorite songs before handing her a perfect red rose and the engagement ring. Sadly, despite his most romantic efforts, she turned him down!

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