True Romance: Nine Romantic Stories

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Who doesn’t treasure a romantic story that touches the heart?

We can all relate in one way or another to the experiences on these pages; the struggle to overcome grief after the loss of a loved one, the betrayal and guilt of adultery, the desperation to make a loved one happy, young lovers facing the hardships of the real world and much more.

Whether it’s a happily-ever-after fantasy, or a tear-jerking heartbreaker, the nine romantic adventures in this TruLove Collection will stay with you forever. Read More



the best of my three loversThe Best of My Three Lovers

“I listened to the howling wind and watched the snow fall around me and waited for death. I had neither the strength nor the will to go on. I had no reason to live. I had destroyed my life years ago when I married Lawrence Williams. Now, I had come to this wilderness searching for the one man who held my heart in his hands. Well, I had found him.”
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