Fix Your Boyfriend 3: When He’s Always Late

Relationships are messy! Especially if you’re boyfriend’s a slob, a liar, a flirt, or a loud snorer who’s always late? Here is the last part of our three-part series “How To Fix Your Boyfriend.” Part 3 focuses on you’re always tardy beau – what’s a girl to do about Mr. Late Date? Oh, this is such a difficult one to fix because it requires nerves of steel on your part, depending on how late he is and for what activity. If he’s late when you have assigned seats at the movie theatre?  Oh well, you’ll miss the trailers.  But late for your sister’s wedding? That’s nasty. If he is consistently late, he could just as easily be consistently early because as crazy as it sounds, he simply doesn’t have a realistic grasp of real time.  Maybe he underestimates how long it will take him to get from here to there.  Maybe he gets too caught up in what he’s doing and has a hard time tearing himself away from it.  But when you are consistently late, you are choosing to be late. Here are some strategies for either helping him to be more on time – or for helping yourself to not go ballistic waiting for him.

  1.  If it’s a really important event – like dinner at your boss’s house — just lie about what time you have to be there. Tell him you have to be there earlier than you really do.  Is it wrong to tell white lies to your boyfriend?  Yes. Is it wrong to ruin dinner at your boss’s house because you’re furious with your boyfriend for making you so late?   Yes.  And what is the point of this?  Two wrongs don’t make a right, but with one of these options you won’t be late and crabby.
  2. Days ahead of time, make alternate transportation plans to get where it is you want to go.  If he’s late on the appointed day and time, stick to your plan to leave on time via another method. Gather your things together and give him a genuinely sweet kiss and tell him, “I’m going to scoot ahead and meet you there.”  If he gets defensive or huffy,  kill him with nice.  And mean it, Ms. Nerves of Steel! Simply explain:  “You know, people are beginning to think of me as always being late and I’m not — so I don’t like being perceived that way. I’m sure you can understand.” Blow him another kiss and blow out the door. But don’t blow it by ending with “Okay?” because you’re not asking for his permission.
  3. Horse trade with your own bad habits, such as, “If you make it on time for this event, I’ll promise not to fall asleep the minute we get in bed when we come home tonight.”    Watch how quickly he learns to tell time with that one!
  4. If all else fails, just get it all out by playing Girlfriends Strike Back, an exciting new mobile game from Broadlicious (available now on Android and coming soon on iOS), and clean up with a high score.  Download the game for free on Google Play. And don’t forget to Like the game on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and Visit us at

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