What’s Hot in Romance This Week?



By Mary Cope50 shades

So, what’s hot in romance?

According to the public, it’s Fifty Shades of Grey.

Presidents’ Day weekend opened to the much anticipated movie. Love it or hate it, the E.L. James book-turned-movie made box office history grossing more than $300 million worldwide.

All that said, sex sells, but what is the allure that surrounds Fifty Shades?

Curiosity? Romance? Kink?

Fifty Shades of Grey brought erotic romance out into the open. The once taboo and secretive subject of kinky sex was now more acceptable. The phenomenon of Fifty Shades sparked people’s interest and conversation. Women in their twenties, middle-aged moms, and even grandmothers began discussing sex more openly. Yes! Fifty Shades of Grey got people talking.

If you haven’t read the book (not great writing, but if you like great S&M sex scenes, it’s worth a read) or seen the movie, here is a brief synopsis.

The college student Anastasia Steele meets the wealthy Christian Grey. He is drawn to her innocence and she is intrigued by him. And, why wouldn’t she be? He’s rich, handsome and powerful. But, he doesn’t do “romance.” His taste in sex is singular. Singular in the fact he enjoys taking her to his “playroom,” which consists of ropes, whips, floggers, plenty of blindfolds, and much, much more. This guy clearly has problems!

The emotionally troubled billionaire explains that he is a “dominant” and needs the control in which this sexual lifestyle brings. He wants the innocent Anastasia to become his submissive. Christian requires a contract of consent from Anastasia and after reviewing and approving what she will and won’t partake in, she becomes his submissive. In return, Anastasia receives the devotion of the emotionally flawed Christian. Naïve Anastasia falls in love with the messed-up billionaire. That is, until a much too painful spanking causes her to leave the broken Christian behind.

Spank, spank…where is the love?

BroadLit To Publish New Paranormal Romance Thriller

Facebook Cover Photo black and greenThe Tempting: Seducing the Nephilim: 

Written by D. M. Pratt, Co-Exec Producer and Head Writer of the Hit TV Series ‘Quantum Leap’

LOS ANGELES (January   26, 2015)  BroadLit, a company putting a new slant on romance, is delighted to announce the publication on January 27, 2015, of award-winning Deborah M. Pratt’s new paranormal romantic thriller The Tempting: Seducing the Nephilim. This new novel by the author of Age of Eve and the Vision Quest series of novels will take readers on an erotic thrill ride that will keep readers turning pages until the shocking end.

As one fan told Ms. Pratt, “Reading this book is the best sex I have ever had!” According to Ms. Pratt, she stumbled across the Nephilim, or the ‘fallen Sons of God,’ while researching various paranormal mythologies. Because the Nephilim are linked to the Incubus and Succubus sexual demon lore, they are the perfect paranormal creature for a romantic fantasy thriller. The heroine being pursued by the Nephilim is Eve Dowling, a talented writer for a prominent New Orleans social magazine whose young life is unfolding as she had planned it would—until she is seduced by Beau Le Masters, an extremely handsome, charismatic stranger one night. After that one night, nothing will ever be the same for Eve.

the temptingWhen Eve awakes from a 13-month coma she sees, waiting by her hospital bed, the mystery man she last remembered making passionate love to in the garden of one of New Orleans’ most historic homes. Her almost too perfect Prince Charming, Beau, desperately wants her to marry him, become a loving mother to their son, who was born during her coma, and live in his historic mansion with all of them as a perfect family.

How could Eve possibly say no to Beau? Wanting the fairy tale and ignoring her gut, she moves in with Beau. Then the nightmares begin. Horrifying dreams of being ravaged by a strange, and of an erotic being who torments her.  After researching the entity that haunts her, Eve realizes it is a Nephilim. Will Eve have the strength to vanquish the evil that surrounds her and her son?  Is her true love Beau only an illusion created by ancient mythical beings to seduce her?  The answers are revealed in The Tempting!

Author Deborah Pratt is a five-time Emmy nominee, a Golden Globe nominee, and short listed for the Academy Awards for her live action short film Girl Friends. She has received the Lillian Gish Award from Women in Film, The Angel Award, The Golden Block Award, and six B.E.N. Awards. As Co-Executor Producer and Head Writer for the ground-breaking television series Quantum Leap, Ms. Pratt wrote 25 episodes and co-wrote an additional 15 episodes. She made her directorial debut on Cora Unashamed for the BBC’s Masterpiece Theatre’s The American Collection, which aired on both PBS and the BBC.

The Tempting: Seducing the Nephilim is currently available for pre-order (at $8.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback) on all major e-retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, as well as on AllRomance.com and on BroadLit’s own branded hub TruLOVEstories.com. All BroadLit books are distributed by Perseus Books’ Constellation Services.


BroadLit is unique in that it brings to the market a combination of classic and new romance material through its many multi-media channels. BroadLit’s website hub, TruLOVEstories.com, is specifically designed for women looking for a little romance seasoned with humor. The site offers novels, stories, games, merchandise, contests, videos, and other opportunities for building a strong community.

In addition to bringing back to life the assets of True Love and True Romance Magazines in the TruLOVE Collection series, BroadLit is also publishing original contemporary romance novels and mobile games for women. BroadLit is a Los Angeles-based company launched by the owners of Broadthink, a boutique branding and new business development media company.


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The Tempting: Seducing the Nephilim

Author: D.M. Pratt

Published by BroadLit

Published: January 27, 2015

Fiction: Paranormal Romance

E-Book ISBN: 978-0-9905156-2-3

Price: $8.99 USD; $     CAN $9.99

Print ISBN# 978-09905156-3-0

Price: $14.99

Who Is the Sexiest Vampire?

sexy vampire man

Nasty, filthy, evil creatures. That’s what vampires are. They only look beautiful on the outside, but their intentions are terribly dishonorable. They swoop down on us from the dark, they grasp us in their unbreakable grip, they suck out our blood. Sometimes they seduce us into having sex with them. Really great sex. Sometimes they even make us into one of them.

Awful. No wonder we hate and fear and despise them.

Hmm. They have inhumanly spectacular sex with us. They convert us into beautiful, seductive immortal beings. Doesn’t really sound all that bad, does it? So, if it’s going to happen, we want to ask you the question, who wouldn’t you mind getting seduced by? We’ve created a poll of the sexiest vampires that have ever graced our screens. Who do you think should win?