4 Ways To Get Revenge On Your Ex Without Going Crazy

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If you recently went through a nasty break-up and seriously considered picking up a baseball bat with the words “Hot Sauce” on the side and a canary yellow dress to dance through the neighborhood in, this list was made for you. Unfortunately, Beyonce’s Lemonade was just a music video, and it’s not actually acceptable to walk down the street smashing random car windows (bummer, I know). But truthfully, when it comes down to it, getting revenge on your ex is actually a bit of a science; you want to make them feel like you won at life, and sometimes playing the part of the scorned lover does the exact opposite. And while “lemonading” à la Beyonce is always a tempting and sort of natural response, there are way better things to do that don’t involve destroying private property and getting arrested. So forget the glitter bombs, forget the cardboard dick you can ship to your ex for $9.99 with the message of your choice (still pretty cool ideas, to be honest)…here are 4 better ways to get revenge on your ex that’ll make you a better person in the long run!

1. Make new friends!
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Or hang out with the ones you already have, especially if you sort of neglected them when you were in relationship la-la land. We live in a culture that sometimes places more importance and value on romantic relationships than friendships, but some friendships will last longer and be more unconditional than any romantic relationship you’ll ever have. Repeat after me: friends are just as important as boyfriends! Go out dancing, catch a movie…just remember why you fell in love with your friends, and let the good company de-funk you! Nothing will make your ex more annoyed than seeing that you’re out living your life.

2. Work on yourself.
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Whether that means starting that workout regimen you’ve put off for a while or eating that damn chocolate cupcake you always deny yourself, do whatever is going to make you feel the happiest and like your best self. Get that crazy haircut, buy all new makeup if you want…or just work on some other aspect of yourself, inside or outside, that you think you could improve. The best revenge is having your ex see that you’re a better person without them!

3. Take a trip!
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Even if just for a day, get out of town and go see a place you’ve never seen before. The world is huge and full of potentially amazing life experiences, and sometimes when you get cooped up and trapped in the town of your breakup, you forget that, and then you get stir crazy. That’s when the “Lemonade” thoughts begin! Get away for a while with some good friends and breathe some fresh, different air. If you really want to piss off your ex, Instagram some amazing pics of the trip (but ultimately, you should be posting these pictures for yourself).

4. Rebound…or don’t.
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This is one thing that depends on the person. If you feel like finding a rebound will just make you feel worse (or make you actually miss your ex…God forbid), then take some time and enjoy being single, and jump back into the dating pool when you’re ready. But if you’re ready to get back out there already, and you’re not just forcing it to make your ex mad or jealous (although they might be, which is a side perk) then do you! You might’ve started it all off trying to get revenge on your ex, but when all is said done, you might just find that you’ve moved on.

Source: Brianna Porter from Never Liked It Anyway

5 Reasons We Need A Breakup Leave of Absence

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There is a reason you feel so awful after a breakup: breakups are another form of loss. And even if the person didn’t die, it sure can feel like it. There will be a giant, gaping hole in your life that will make you feel like something is missing. And this hole doesn’t fill up over night! The healing process from a breakup, just like after you physically lose a person, can take quite some time. So it’s really quite unfair that you’re expected to be at work the following day, chipper as ever and ready to meet all those deadlines. Sure, you could take one of your sick days, but that won’t change the fact that your coworkers will think of you as weak for taking a sick day over a breakup.  Breakups should be given their own separate leave of absence in the workplace and acknowledged as the grueling grieving process that they are. Here are 5 reasons why!

1. Quality is sacrificed

You just don’t feel like doing sh*t. But you have to, so you do your work anyway, but it’s just not up to par. Even if you’re trying your best. It’s probably your worst best ever. You may as well have not done it at all.

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2. Productivity suffers

When you’re not trying your worst best, you’re doing nothing instead. This is the point after a breakup when you master the art of looking like you’re doing really-busy-and-important-stuff without actually doing it. It’s another skill for the set, but not necessarily something to be proud of. Long, vacant stares into the distance become your new signature “thing”. Or, alternatively, your thoughts won’t stop racing, so to quiet them, you binge-watch cute sea lion videos all day. They truly are the puppies of the sea.

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3. Annoying coworkers

You’re already a little more irritable than usual at work, and your usually annoying coworkers seem more obnoxious than ever. They’ll probably deploy the usual post-breakup comfort cliches, like “there are plenty of fish in the sea” or “have you ever thought about dating *insert other coworker’s name here*?” They might even go as far as to ask you to get a drink with them later, to pull you out of the slump. Too soon! Sometimes you just want to stay at home and eat microwaveable ziti and listen to Ina Garten’s soothing voice.

4. Appropriate work attire? No thanks!

Wear a bra? No sweatpants allowed? No one has ever uttered more tragic words to you in your life. All you really want to do is cocoon in your bed for a few hours in your comfiest clothes, and you should be allowed to!

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5. Heartless bosses

Your boss probably doesn’t care about your love life. Never has, never will, so your sudden heartbreak won’t change anything. You’re still expected to show up, look good, be happy, and get work done. But this is an unrealistic expectation! We’re human beings, not emotionless robots (at least, not yet) so there’s literally no way you can “have that thing on their desk” by Friday when you don’t even have your sh*t together yet! Hey, nobody’s asking for months off to wallow in self-pity, but a day or two off for mental and emotional wellness could be just the thing to help you bounce-back to your badass self and start slaying at the workplace again!

Written By Brianna Porter

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4 Buddhist Mantras To Help You Breeze Through A Breakup

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Moving on after a breakup is easier said than done, especially when being bitter and petty about it is just so much more satisfying. It’s called being human. And it’s alright to feel this way for a certain amount of time, but as soon as you cross over into key-his-car-a-la-Carrie-Underwood territory, you’ve gone too far. This is where Buddhist teachings come in; Buddhists believe that the best way to deal with anger is through mindfulness practice. Now, this can mean a variety of things, and everyone’s mindfulness practice can be different, but one way to practice being mindful is through meditation and chanting mantras.

So how do you do it?

Here are 4 Buddhist mantras you can try out while meditating that’ll help you conquer your inner breakup-zilla and breeze through your breakup to a better you. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity at happiness and peace, and these 4 mantras might help you get there.

1. Green Tara Mantra

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

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The Tara mantra is used to push through physical, emotional, and mental blockages, and even blockages in relationships. This mantra requires a resignation to let go of a particular outcome you may be hanging on to, as this often promotes unhappiness and frustration when you don’t get your way. When chanting this mantra, think about letting go, and all of your negative energy will come back to you as positive energy.

Use It When: you’re gripping too tightly to the things you just need to let go of

2. Amitabha Mantra

Om Ami Dewa Hrih

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This mantra is for overcoming any obstacles or hindrances to your personal growth and success (bad breakups included). Chanting this mantra can enhance your compassionate and loving nature, which may be lacking after a recent breakup.

Use It When: you can feel yourself thinking thoughts full of revenge, destruction and vengeance

3. Manjushri Mantra

Om A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih

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This mantra is said to enhance wisdom and improve one’s communication (both verbal and written) skills. Both of these things are very important not only in a relationship, but after the end of one, when you may feel like doing or saying something impulsive. Just don’t. Chant this instead.

Use It When: You feel impulses to shout your feelings and destroy things with spiteful words.

4. Avalokitesvara Mantra

Om Mani Padme Hum

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Buddhists believe that repeating this mantra will invite the blessings of Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion. It’s no secret that after a breakup, you may be deficient in the compassion department. Any resentment or ill-will towards your ex can make you begin to resent others, too. Invite all the blessings of compassion you can because even if you are a bit of a breakup-zilla, you deserve it.

Use It When: You’re stuck in a negative spiral, replaying old events and recalling old conversations

The Top 5 Foods To Increase Your Mood After A Break-up

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As we all know, breaking up with your partner causes one of the worst types of pain. All of a sudden, every little silver lining is gone without a trace, and it seems like all hope is lost. This hopelessness is what makes break-ups seem unbearable.

Parting with your significant other is a traumatic event for your body, that generates a cascade of organic effects. In fact, the sudden drop in serotonin is responsible for your awful mood. While it is commonly referred to as the “happiness hormone,” serotonin is actually a neurotransmitter that has a significant effect on our general mood.

So it makes sense that boosting your serotonin level is the perfect way to help ease the pains of your break-up. It wont make your heartache disappear, but every little bit helps. And it’s pretty easy to make some changes to your diet. Especially if those changes involve incorporating foods that help increase your serotonin levels naturally. Here are five of the best to load up on right away.

1. Carb-Rich Foods

Fresh tasty breadCarbohydrates are essential for boosting your serotonin levels. There’s a reason that pizza tastes so good! However, they have an indirect action in the metabolism of serotonin. A carb-rich meal will increase your insulin levels. This means your blood levels of amino acids will become very low because most of them will be stored in the muscles.

The amino acid tryptophan, which is the main precursor to serotonin, is not stored in the muscles. It can actually cross the blood-brain barrier without having to compete with other amino acids and become available for serotonin production.

The best way to make carbs work in your favor is to have at least one carbohydrate-rich meal a day. So eat as much bread, pizza, and cookies as you want because they will actually make you feel better. To maximize the effect, you must also include tryptophan-rich foods in your diet. We will tell you all about these right away!

2. Nuts and Seeds

nuts and seets

Nuts and seeds can do wonders for your body. From helping you get rid of chapped lips to boosting your brain activity, nuts can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. In fact, almondspeanutssunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds are also an excellent source of tryptophan, which makes them excellent for your post break-up diet. Include these delicious treats in your diet to help boost your serotonin levels naturally.

3. Yogurt

Bowl of fresh mixed berries and yogurt

Yogurt and other fermented dairy products like kefir and soured milk are rich in natural probiotics. While it might seem odd, serotonin is mostly found in the gut. As such, optimizing your digestive process is extremely important for the serotonin metabolism. Add some fruit and nuts to your yogurt, and you will get a healthy treat that will actually help you get over your break-up blues.

4. Fish

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Fish is yet another valuable source of tryptophan, so it is essential that you add it to your diet. Oily fish such as salmontuna, or sardines are your best choices because they are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which will also contribute to the process.

To get the best results, you should have your fish meal before thecarbohydrate-based one. This will ensure that your body already has all the tryptophan it needs for the serotonin. Keep this in mind when planning your meals for the day, and you will start feeling better in no time!

5. Dark Chocolate


No post break-up diet is complete without chocolate. And it seems that there is a very good reason why this is helpful. Dark chocolate is rich in theobromine, which is a natural compound similar to caffeine, as well as tryptophan. This makes it one of the best foods you could have for your serotonin-boosting diet. So have as much dark chocolate as you want because it can do wonders for your health!

These five foods can actually make a difference in your mood after a break-up because they will actively help you increase your serotonin levels. Eat as many carbs and chocolate as you want because they are your greatest allies in this harsh times. With this delicious diet and a few romantic comedies, you will get over your break-up in no time.

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