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TruLOVE Collection Calendar.

With thousands of new romance book titles published every year, and millions of adoring readers, bloggers, and moviegoers, the romance genre is as popular now as it ever was. This fabulous 16-month calendar, illustrated with the glamorous sirens of vintage magazine covers like True Love Stories and True Love and Romance, showcases three decades’ worth of first love, true love, and lasting. Calendar is available for purchase on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

TruLOVE puzzle 

To most of us, love is a challenge worth taking. It’s also a puzzle – always picking up the pieces, putting it back together, trying to see the whole picture.  If you’re looking for a little romance and you love a good challenge, you’ll want to try the 1,000-piece True Romance Panoramic Puzzle that was designed especially for Barnes & Noble. It was inspired for the covers of two the very first celebrity gossip magazines published in America – True Love and True Romance, take a look back into the past with this truly romantic puzzle full of nostalgic and entertaining images. This 1,000 piece panoramic puzzle measures 13.39″ x 37.60″. For Ages: 13+

Puzzle is available for purchase through Barnes and Noble.


All three of the Second Acts Series Novels by Julia Dumont

It’s a sexy romp through glamorous modern Hollywood as seen through the eyes of a self-possessed matchmaker who cannot find her own match.

Books are available for purchase in our Bookstore!

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