Losing It For Love

All of us long for true love. Unfortunately, however, some of us despair of ever finding it. Often it’s because we live with a gripping sense of defeat brought on by some unwanted feature. Usually our nemesis is our weight, although sometimes it’s a particular part of our body, like a nose or a chin that is undeniably out of proportion to the rest of our face.

There are more than enough thoughtless or shallow people in the world who may insist upon defining us by our single most troubling physical feature. We’re fat, we’re ugly, we’re not sexy. Read More


From Amazon: People are always telling women to just accept themselves the way they are, yet we live in a world where being tall, thin and beautiful is just expected of us! Thank god for these stories. They actually tell the truth about what goes through women’s minds about their appearance and what we wish we could be! Bravo! Read More


I’m Large and In Charge, So Where’s My Lover Boy?

For as long as I can remember, I’d always been the short, heavy girl
with zero confidence who was the butt of everyone’s jokes. To this very
day, I can still hear the taunts and teases, and feel my face flush with
anger and bitterness from all the misery they caused. Read More

True Romance–Love and Laughter

Layout 1Many of the relationships in these eleven stories begin as serious tales of rejected advances, broken engagements, sexless marriages and cheating husbands, but just when a happy ending seems impossible, a little laughter brings about a positive outcome! A shallow woman fixated on meeting a handsome but oblivious stranger is charmed instead by a persistent funny guy with a winning personality. The klutzy secretary with a snobby fiancé meets an admirer who finds her clumsiness more endearing than embarrassing. A married couple attempting to rekindle their sex life is faced with the challenge of finding a time and a place for intimacy while raising their two curious little boys, only to realize how much closer they’ve become since their carefree days as newlyweds. Finding a little humor in your relationship can make all the difference! Read More



real loveI Found My Man In The Classified Ads

Leaving soft candles burning, I took one last look around and, satisfied, pulled the door closed behind me. It was six o’clock. By then, I had a complete picture of P. McDougal in my head: a distinguished-looking gray-haired man, above medium height, who carried himself straight and wore his clothes like a banker in a Wall Street ad. By then, I was so curious to see him that I headed for the neighborhood Italian restaurant on the corner just across the street, planning to wait around in hopes of catching a glimpse of him. Read the Story Here

Women Undone



While the ’70s were about equal rights and the sexual revolution, women in the ’80s were more concerned about their economic situation. It’s easy to understand why some of the women in these stories would fantasize about finding romance on a cruise ship, or running off to a big city and becoming a fashion model, but as this collection of stories reveals, there are no shortcuts to happiness.

These were not the days of speed dating and finding love online. Women looked for love with personal ads and a very rudimentary form of computer dating.

Read More


From Amazon: A Unique 80′s Inspired Book for Hopeless Romantics  –The ‘80s are back! This collection is made of different short stories, but they all have one common theme — they are about women in relationships in the 1980s. I love the bits of nostalgia that come with reading these stories. This isn’t going to be your traditional romance books, but how fun to shake things up once in a while! Short and to the point, highly recommend!


Love Walkout–Is It Really Forever?

“Last night bothered me, but not for the reasons you might think. I wanted to be with you, Gordy, but in my mind I was making love to my husband. The man I left back home. And right now that’s where I’m heading. I’m going home.” Read the Rest of the Story Here

True Romance: Nine Romantic Stories

Layout 1



Who doesn’t treasure a romantic story that touches the heart?

We can all relate in one way or another to the experiences on these pages; the struggle to overcome grief after the loss of a loved one, the betrayal and guilt of adultery, the desperation to make a loved one happy, young lovers facing the hardships of the real world and much more.

Whether it’s a happily-ever-after fantasy, or a tear-jerking heartbreaker, the nine romantic adventures in this TruLove Collection will stay with you forever. Read More



the best of my three loversThe Best of My Three Lovers

“I listened to the howling wind and watched the snow fall around me and waited for death. I had neither the strength nor the will to go on. I had no reason to live. I had destroyed my life years ago when I married Lawrence Williams. Now, I had come to this wilderness searching for the one man who held my heart in his hands. Well, I had found him.”
Read The Story Here

Bedroom Roulette

Love stories from the beginning of the 1970s are about as wild as you can find. This TruLOVE Collection, edited by Ron Hogan of Beatrice.com and Lady Jane Salon fame, contains an amazing selection of stories that epitomize what was happening during the era of “free love!” “Countercultural” trends of the 1960s were becoming mainstream, allowing people to tell stories that would have been taboo in previous eras.

There are many surprises and a lot of passion-filled twists in this selection of snapshots of what was on America’s mind at a pivotal moment in American cultural history. Read More


From Amazon: I found out that Ron Hogan was editing this collection of love stories through Twitter. I am a fan of his, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to check out these stories since he loves them so much. What a great surprise! These stories showcase what love was like in the 1970s. By no means does it encapsulate everyone’s experiences, but it does let you look into the window for certain individuals.


We’re Just Two Girls in Love–With Each Other

Cara is accepting of Edie’s sexuality… although she’s still convinced Edie could be quite pretty if she just allowed herself to be more feminine. “Two women sharing an apartment was a situation so common in that crowded, expensive city, that it couldn’t possibly cause any comment. And Edie was as good as her word. About everything. She pampered me as if I were a baby myself. She made me give up my job instantly, saying that it wasn’t good for the baby, me constantly on my feet and lugging heavy trays. Edie made enough money to support us both in a modest fashion, and she shared it generously with me.” Read the Rest of the Story Here

Falling In Love…Again

It’s hard to imagine that out of the depths of despair a new opportunity for love can emerge, but in these tales you’ll meet a jilted bride, a single mom, a 9/11 widow, and a bitter city girl who all get a second chance at loving happily ever after.

Whether you’re heartbroken or have sworn off love forever; love comes when it’s perfectly timed or when you least expect it, this collection of fourteen inspirational stories will convince you that there’s always a chance you’ll…fall in love again.

Don’t miss dozens of exciting stories from the pages of True Romance and True Love Magazines in the Brand-New E-Book Series, TruLove Collection. Read More


From Amazon: “This is such a lovely collection of well written love stories. There is always hope out there that you will find a new love and these stories help you realize that there is can be something out there for you, again.” -Floyd, Amazon

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In Love With My Next-Door Neighbor

He’s cute–and close! But can I trust him?

“The only thing my first husband gave me that outlasted our brief marriage was finally cured with penicillin. After that, I had no reason to believe any of the men who professed undying love.” Read the Rest of the Story Here

Mothers In Love

There’s love, and then there’s mother love — maybe the most powerful love of all. Meet the mothers at the center of each of the 14 love stories included in this TruLOVE Collection. Whether their stories were written in 1938 or within the last few years, and whether they’re about a single mom, a stepmother, or an overbearing mom who can’t let go, each one explores the struggle and challenge of love and motherhood. Several stories focus on women who became single mothers unexpectedly, either through abandonment or widowhood. Another story finds a stepmother trying to deal with her husband’s very unhappy child from a previous marriage.
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“Pick this up if you want stories that are full of drama and easy to read. I got hooked and raced through the book in a few hours. A nice variety of crazy people . . . my favorite people to read about. You will put this book down feeling extremely well adjusted. It’s like a collection of little soap operas. Favorite story — Forget My Daughter-I’ll Show You Ecstasy.” — L. Gordon, Amazon


Snakes, Rats, and Little Boys–Oh My!

As the realtor handed me the keys to my new, little house, I was definitely beaming with pride. In my entire life, I’d never lived in an actual house. And the fact that I’d earned the money to buy this one made myself, made the moment even sweeter. Though I sometimes wished I had a man to share times like that with, I’d learned to savor my independence. Read the Rest of the Story Here

Battlefield Of Love

Soldiers and the Ones Who Love Them

Love.  War.  Pain. Passion. Relationships lost. Romance rekindled.

Many generations of Americans have struggled with sending loved ones into battle and taking care of them when they return. Yet all of the stories in this collection have the same theme—whether they are about World War II, Vietnam, or the Gulf War—love is critical to our survival. It makes most, stronger. It makes some heroes. No matter if a soldier is fighting a “good” war, or a politically controversial war, there is little difference for their families who must remain brave and supportive both when they send their soldier into battle and when he or she returns injured physically or emotionally. Read More




I got this as gift and I was initially drawn to this book because of the cover art (I’m a sucker for old-timey images).  It is actually really nice to have a collection of sweet stories about military men and women, and the ones who love them. It was a quick read and one I would definitely recommend! You’ll enjoy it!–Luciana at Amazon


Daughter of An Air Force Man

Looking back, it’s hard to believe that everything could’ve changed so quickly. At that time, the three of us—my father, my mother, and I were living in a breezy, comfortable, ranch-style home in sunny California. Despite its western adobe look, our sand-hued home was actually located on an Air Force base, the base where my father was stationed. As far as I was concerned, the house was absolutely perfect. Read the Story

Forbidden Love

No one is immune to the temptation of forbidden love. Many of us merely dip our baby toe into this realm – perhaps by Googling the names of old lovers to see what they look like now, years later, while our spouse watches television in another room. Or we spy on an alluring married co-worker by studying his Facebook page to learn as much as we can about him.

Or we create detailed fantasies about someone who is definitely off-limits for one reason or another. However, the sexually adventurous characters in these tantalizing stories have plunged much deeper into the web of forbidden love, making the rest of us look like pikers. Read More


From Amazon: I bought this book because I liked the title and the sexy cover. I’m not likely to act on my own temptations after reading these stories but I must admit I enjoy hearing about how far some people will go! It’s like peeking through a window you know you shouldn’t but can’t stop. Read More


From One-Night Stand–To Indecent Obsession

He tasted my body once–and he’ll stop at nothing for more

“About ten that morning, Jared Beacon strolled through the
claims department with Mr. Steadman, himself. Jared was tall,
dark, handsome, and tanned, with a demeanor that exuded self confidence.
The room practically throbbed with the collective
heartbeats of single women as he passed through—and a few
married ones, as well, I suspect.” Read the Free Story Here

When Love Sizzles

Peel Away Your Inhibitions with These Sexy Stories
There’s sex and then there’s sizzling sex–and the difference between them is like the difference between vegetables and dessert.

We may need the former, but the latter is infinitely more luscious.

In this latest TruLOVE Collection, you’ll discover love and passion that heats up in stormy weather, on a dare in a bar, popping out of a cake at a bachelor party, in a would-be open marriage, and even on one lover’s menu. Read More


From Amazon: I was looking to spice up my love life a bit with my wife, and I stumbled upon this book while searching on Amazon. I took a chance, and this book ended up being great! The stories aren’t too long that we’re both asleep at the end– just long enough to get us going. Let’s just say my plan worked! Read More


Lust With The Proper Stranger

Have you ever wanted to break free from being a “good girl” and have an uninhibited fling with a sexy stranger? Just find a handsome hunk and let your desires go wild? It had always been a secret fantasy of mine that I never could admit to anyone…until the day I decided to make it come true. Read the Rest of the Story Here